About us


Lasnine is a purveyor of polo shirts, curated and designed by a Vietnamese team, catering to men and women of all age groups. We have a profound admiration for American culture and sports, and aim to translate this passion into our shirt designs, thereby radiating this vibrant energy. Our endeavor is to create polo t-shirts that not only represent our brand but also surpass customer expectations.

Our product range is inclusive, offering personalized design options for everyone. Our polo t-shirts are apt for a variety of corporate events including but not limited to outings, trade shows, conferences, and sales meetings. Additionally, the versatility and breathability of our products make them suitable for golf tournaments and other sporting events.


We've always strived to ensure that our customers feel like family at Lasnine. Recognizing that we exist because of you, our business ethos centers around prioritizing customer needs. This principle has led to the development of a proficient customer support department. Whether you have concerns about our service, inquiries about our products, or need assistance with a product issue, we're confident that our Customer Support will cater to your needs satisfactorily.


1. Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction: We put our customers first. Our ultimate objective is to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. We strive to build enduring and trustful relationships with our customers, delivering value through our superior products and services.

2. Delivering Quality: We are dedicated to providing our customers with world-class products and services, creating a valuable customer experience.

3. Fostering Creativity: Our products are brought to life by a team of professional and inventive designers. We are dedicated to continuous learning and development to craft products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also cater to the diverse preferences of our customers. We aim to use our designs to communicate and inspire messages of love, meaning, and humanity.


Support time:ย Mon-Sat 9 AM-5 PM EST
Business Address :ย 79 Ho Trung Luong, Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam, 550000

Vietnam Phone: +84931717222

UK Warehouse: 84 Bancroft, Hitchin, SG5 1NQ, United Kingdom

UK Phone: + 44 1462 538010

Email: support@lasnine.com