Warranty Policy

Please carefully review this section — it specifies our obligations and commitments regarding the Print services. Should you encounter any issues with your order, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund, thus please reach out to us as quickly as possible.

1. Limited Warranty: We ensure that at the moment of product delivery to the consumer, the product will be devoid of defects or severe damage.

2. Eligibility for this warranty: This warranty can be availed by customers who have purchased products from Lasnine.

3. Warranty Exclusions: This Limited Warranty does not account for any damage or defect to the Product resulting from: (a) improper handling (including transportation), use, or storage; (b) failure to comply with product instructions; (c) any alterations made to the product; (d) external factors like accidents, fire, flood, "act of God" or any events beyond our reasonable control; or (g) any cost or expense related to loss of the ability to use the product or any other cost not covered by this Limited Warranty. This warranty also doesn't cover items arising from size exchanges or buyer remorse.

4. Warranty Period: This Limited Warranty is in effect from the date of the Product's delivery to the Customer and extends for thirty (30) days.

5. Remedies under this warranty: For any significantly defective or severely damaged Product, we, in our sole discretion, will: (a) replace such Product (or the defective or damaged part) without any charge, or (b) refund the purchase price paid to us by the Customer along with the relevant shipping charges for the defective or damaged Product.

6. How to avail warranty service? After the swift delivery of the Product, the Customer is expected to inspect the Product. If the Product is substantially defective (inclusive of errors made by Lasnine during manufacturing) or is damaged upon receipt, or if the wrong Product is received, to qualify for service under the Warranty, you must lodge a claim within the Warranty Period in adherence with our Return Policy.

7. Who is responsible for shipping fees during the warranty period? Under warranty, you are not required to return the faulty product, we will either send you a flawless replacement and cover the shipping fee, or if you decide not to continue using the product from Lasnine, we will promptly provide you a refund.

    Lastly, as stated elsewhere in this Agreement, we regret that we can't guarantee that the colors and details displayed in our website images perfectly match the actual Products and Dimensions. They might, in some instances, be approximate.